Keiko Ono

Keiko Ono - Smykke Copenhagen goldsmith


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Keiko Ono picked up a passion for design in her early life and was quick to enter the professional jewellery scene as a young woman. Her journey to becoming a designer began with her working at a jewellery import and wholesale company in Tokyo, where she acquired her G.I.A.G.G qualification and laid a solid foundation for the path she had decided to take. As she progressed in her career, she moved into manufacturing and on-line production, before taking on a role overseeing the selection and purchase of products.

Within a few short years, Keiko had covered a number of different fields of the jewellery business and was ready to strike out on her own by working independently with private customers. She rapidly gained a name for herself as a result of her unique, one-of-a-kind and stunningly eye-catching concepts and designs, and she almost immediately found her order sheets filling up as word spread about her beautiful products.

Keiko Ono brings a meticulous approach to everything she does. Indeed, it’s her tailor-made and uncompromising attention to client requests that has seen her become a deeply trusted, highly appreciated, and enormously respected designer in her field.

When asked about her designs, Keiko will reply that their beauty comes about as a result of their simplicity and sophistication - two sides of the same glittering coin. The idea is for her jewellery to become nothing short of a part of the wearer’s life, to enhance their experience of day to day existence, and to provide moments of wonder that linger on the skin. With over 40 years of experience and expertise under her belt, Keiko Ono continues to grow from strength to strength and has found appreciation not only in Tokyo, but elsewhere across Japan and the wider world.